I have always drawn, painted and made things… Although I trained as a graphic designer in the late eighties, I now work as an artist, in London. I use a variety of media but tend to make acrylic paintings. Subjects I have focused on in the past few years include: pears, bull terriers, ‘geezers’, birds’ nests and monkeys.

At some point in the mid-eighties – doing some homework for an illustration class – my drawing style suddenly relaxed. This led to an energizing process that affected all my drawing and painting. Another epiphany was a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford a few years ago. This resulted in a large body of work. Mostly using Payne’s Grey acrylic on a diverse range of surfaces – slightly disturbing heads started emerging! These often took the form of man/monkey hybrids. Monoprints based on some of these paintings suggested a new way of working: adding to the mirror image of the original painting. During the same period I was drawing and painting ‘geezers’ – exaggerated images of shaved male heads. There was considerable morphing between these two themes. This period was very liberating: it extended the ‘loosening-up’ of my painting technique that had started previously.

My graphics background is apparent in a continuing interest in letterforms. nest6Some work using type is included here. There is also some 3D work, drawing and collage, but the largest category is painting.

So far I have exhibited in several group shows, but hope to have a solo exhibition at some point. I am happy to accept commissions, having undertaken many in the past.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss an idea you have.

Work for sale is priced and all dimensions are given in cms.